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Instagram post 2176752264333779184_3966775573 Mysfrukost i höstrusket är det bästa vi vet på Paraden eller vad säger ni? #frukost #paradenkvarterskrogochbar #bockholmengruppen #kvarterskrogöstermalm
Instagram post 2176380686530091567_3966775573 Onsdagen den 20:e november från kl 17:00 förvandlar vi om vår kära vinlucka till en ost & chark deli. Louis från Divinoil gästar oss denna afton och tar med sin massa goda ostar och charkuterier från Italien & Frankrike. Vi korkar i sin tur upp lite gott på glas. Så kom förbi och finn nya favoriter eller pröva på gamla klassiker.

Vediamo!  @divinoilab #paradenkvarterskrogochbar #bockholmengruppen #kvarterskrogöstermalm
Instagram post 2175620950394157148_3966775573 Vad kan gå fel med en creme catalan i ena handen och en Irish coffee i andra #sötsugen #paradenkvarterskrogochbar #bockholmengruppen #kvarterskrogöstermalm 👊 @steff_stefani
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A priceworthy restaurant experience!

With prestigeless service and great flexibility we set out to create a priceworthy restaurant experience in a vivid bistro environment! Paraden, which originally was a movie theather, is located in the corner of Valhallavägen/Erik Dahlbergsgatan. It was first inaugurated in 1932 and back then it was the natural go-to spot for everyday entertainment at Östermalm. Today the movies have been replaced with great food and beverages, but the spirit of a venue made for inspirational indulgence lives on. The restaurant Paraden is a bit like the Fun House at the fair, here we have tried to create a lively atmosphere in every corner of the restaurant. Have a snack in the stairs or in the bar, or have a regular meal at a table in the dining room. Find your way up to the balcony with its view over the open kitchen, and perhaps let a good bottle of red wine go around your sunday family dinner table. The Beer Bar downstairs invites to small talk over a glas of micro brew, and from the kitchen comes a steady stream of dishes with inspiration from both southern Europe aswell as from Sweden. In the middle of restaurant the old round ticket kiosk still stands, and the history of Paraden lives on. Only this time with knifes, forks and our guests as the lead characters. Very Welcome!

About Bockholmengruppen

A good neighbourhood restaurant does more than just serve food and beverages. It’s a hub in its community. Open seven days a week with great atmosphere, breakfast, lunch and dinner, all to reasonable prices. A bar in which anyone can take a seat and choose from the entire menu. The idea to do something for the neighbourhood has been with us since we opened our first restaurant, Bockholmen Hav & Restaurang, for almost 15 years ago. With that philosophy in mind we have continued to Östermalm, Söder, Gamla Stan and Gärdet and today we’re running ten restaurants in and around Stockholm. Read more about us here